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Walkera RC UFO Hoten-X FPV quadcopter with DEVO F7 transmitter

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Walkera RC UFO Hoten-X FPV 4-Axis quadcopter with DEVO F7 transmitter

Walkera RC UFO Hoten-X FPV with DEVO F7 transmitter utilizes the latest 6-axis control system. It facilitates stable flight and perfect control, suitable for Aerial Photography. So many people like this UFO, no matter the size or the function, it is the best! The brushless motor system provides substantial power through 3D rolls. Oh, almost forgot the large-capacity battery provides long flight time of Walkera RC UFO Hoten-X with DEVO F7 transmitter: Recommended battery 7.4V,1000 mAH, the receiver firmware can be upgraded online, and telemetry monitors voltage and provides a smart alarm. Walkera RC UFO Hoten-X with DEVO F7 transmitter is perfect for beginners, intermediate pilots, and professional fliers. FULLY DEVO Compatible, such as DEVO 6S, DEVO 7, DEVO F7, DEVO 7E, DEVO 8, DEVO 8S, DEVO 10, DEVO 12. All of us love this UFO, and you?

1). Main Rotor Diameter:186mm
2). Transmitter(standard): DEVO F7
3). Gyro:6 Axis Gyro
4). Overall Lenghth:266mm
5). Transmitter(Option):DEVO 10/8S/7E (not include)
6). Brushless Motor:WK-WS-26-004
7). Fuselage width:266mm
8). Receiver:RX2458H-D
9). Battery: 7.4V 1000mAh /1200mAh Li-Po
11).Camera Set. (not include)

Walkera RC UFO Hoten-X with DEVO F7 transmitter, an exciting science fiction quadcopter released by WALKERA. This intergalactic invader not only serves as entertainment, but also as a professional tool for Aerial Photography!

Hoten X is built around the latest generation Wakera 6-axis stability control unit and features a high quality brushless motor power system. It is a multi-functional aircraft entertainment system giving us chance to experience the endless imagination of futuristic science.

1). Product type: Quad-copter in 200 size
2). Recommend Environment: Outdoor
3). Experience Level: Intermediate
4). Latest 6-Axis Gyro Control system provides super stable flight
5). Brushless motor system ensures more powerful and fantastic flips and rolls flight
6). The RX firmware can Update Online (required UP02 upgrade cable and adapter )
7). Telemetry Function(require to update the firmware and a telemetry function radio is a must)
8). The simple and compact modularized design, easy to install and maintain.

Walkera RC UFO Hoten-X with DEVO F7 transmitter is able to satisfy different pilot needs. Beginners can learn how to fly in a very short time while advanced pilots can enjoy 3D fun flips and rolls. Either way, every box contains a fun packed 200 size quadcopter with a creative lifelike night owl simulation design.

Modular design technology is at the core of the Hoten X, offering excellent flight characteristics and simple maintenance. Supporting this incredible performance is the Online Flight Controller Update. Users can use the online updates to activate new features including a telemetry function, which then permits the display of real-time Temperature, Voltage measurements allowing the pilot to play with greater confidence and peace of mind.

DEVO F7  Features

1) The DEVO F7 adopts 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and features automatic ID binding and ID assignment. It can also be customizedly set as fixed ID code.
2) 5.8G real time image transmittion.
3) USB online update makes you always enjoy the latest firmware.
4) Adjustability of hi-frequency output power enjoys more personality and friendly environment.
5) Wireless data transmission between two DEVO F7 helps experience the training function.
6) Up to 15-model data can be saved.
7) DEVO F7 adjusting the gyro sensitivity makes hovering flight and fancy flight in an easy way.
8) Super large LCD display features direct and convenient setting.
9) Shape design accords with human engineering and provides comfortable holding.
10) Both the length and tension of the sticks can be adjustable.
11) DEVO F7 can be freely switched among Modes 1, 2,3,and 4
12) DEVO F7 support Helicopter and Airplane. The Helicopter mode provides three flight modes, each of which can be freely set and its parameters can be personalizedly adjusted to meet the requirement for F3C or 3D aerobatic flight.

Package Includes:
1) Walkera Hoten-X Latest 6-Axis Gyro Control UFO BNF
2) Transmitter: DEVO F7
3) Battery x 1 (Hoten X-Z-17 Li-po battery 7.4V 1000mAh)
4) Charger x 1 (HM-05#4-Z-23)
5) English User manual x 1
6) Tool Kit x 1

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