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Nine Eagles (NE-MASF02) Alien 4CH UFO RTF

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Model No.:RX:NE-MASF02
TX:NE-TX0S20S(4CH 2.4GHz)
Mixed controller:4 in 1(including:Three axis gyroscope、ESC、Mixer、2.4GHz receiver)
Motor system:7.0 Hollow cup main motor*4
Battery:1-cell 3.7V 250mAh Li-Po
Main rotor diameter:2.2"(56mm)
Overall length:4.8"(122.5mm)
Overall width:4.8"(122.5mm)
Overall height:1.1"(29mm)
Whole weight:About 1.1oz(32g)
Dimensions: 110*110*37mm

1.Stable flying,eary to control and quick to get started.
2.It can easily complete fancy moves like font and back roll,side roll,etc.
3.Modular design,easy to maintain.
4.3.7V 250mAh Li-Po battery.Sustained flight time is over 6 minutes.
5.USB inteligent Charger.Safe and convenient.

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