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Lipo Battery Explosion-proof Bag for mavic Air Lipo Battery 95×9

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RC Li-Po LiPo Battery Safety Bag Safe Guard Charge Sack 95×90×50mm for mavic Air two battery

  • Size:95×90×50mm.
  • The Safe Charging Bag is a high tech bag made of space-age materials that will contain a lithium battery fire.
  • Place your lithium battery inside the Safe Charging Bag and extend the charging wires through the side of the top flap.
  • Charge the batteries in the Safe Charging bag for peace of mind and a higher level of safety.
  • In the event of a lithium battery mishap, Safe Charging Bag's fire-resistant material reduces the severity of the fire inside and vents the smoke outside the Safe Bag.
  • Charging Bag is sealed with a thick, industrial strenth Velcro flap and can also be used for safe transportation and storage of your Lithium Polymer batteries.
  • 1 X Explosion-proof Bag
Never leave charging battery unattended.
Always ensure the battery is on a non-flammable surface.
Ensure flap is seale d while charging.
The LIPO SAFE is intended to reduce the chances of damage in the event of a lipo fire

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