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Walkera V450D03 FPV 6ch 450 size heli with DEVO F7

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Walkera V450D03 FPV 6ch 450 size heli with DEVO F7


1). Main Rotor Dia. : 712mm
2). Tail Rotor Dia. : 150mm
3). Overall Length: 676mm
4). Weight:816g(Battery included)
5). Transmitter: DEVO F7
DEVO-6/7E/8S/10/12S(Optional) (not include)
6). Receiver: RX-2703H-D
7). Battery: 11.1V 2600mAh/ 2200mAh Li-Po

1). The separation design of Intergrated plastic main frame and skid landing makes it easy to disassemble and maintain.
2). Flybarless structure: Adopting new flybarless system ,features fast response and great efficiency improvement.
3). Brushless motor :High-performance brushless motor provides more powerful and durable flight.
4). 6 Axis control system: Adopting Generation II 6-Axis gyro control system integrates with receiver ,it can automatic correct flight attitude, and is easy to control for both basic flight and 3D flight, ensures stable and precise flight, decreases the difficulty of the operation and makes more fun.
5). High speed digital servos:adopting 26g high speed digital servo as tail servo, features high torque and fast response, makes high speed flight and precise tail?lock.
6). Belt driven system ensures easy adjustment, stable flight and low noise.
7). Carbon Fiber Main Blade: The main blade adopts new compound carbon fiber materials, has better rigidity and toughness, suits for wind resistance on outer doors and 3D maneuvers
8). Lipo battery :The 11.1V 2600mAh high-capacity lipo battery can provides about 8 minutes flight after fully charged.
9). 40A ESC: Independent WK-WST-40A-2, has better heat radiationeas and easy to maintain.
10).Control system RX2703H-D: Using UP02 and UP02 Adapter can update on line.

DV04 Camera Instruction:

DV04 Camera has the following two ways to cantrol the video:
*Press the red switch once on the rear of the DV04 Camera, it means the DV04 Camera starts to video. Press the red switch again to stop the video.
*Pull the Gear Switch to postion "1" and keep about 1-2seconds, then pull back to postion "0". After finish the process, the DV04 Camera starts to video. Pull Gear Switch again to stop video.
Notice: The Memory card must be inserted before the DV04 connects the battery, and remove the Memory card after power off.

Walkera V450D03 FPV 6ch 450 size heli BNF Package Includes:

1 x Walkera V450D03 FPV RC helicopter + DEVO F7
1 x Battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Tool Kit
1 x English Manual
1 X 5.8G Emitter (TX5803 or TX5804)
1 X DV04
1 X Card reader
1X FP Convertor
1X 7.4V 800mahbattery suitable for DEVO F4/F7
1 X Memory card

If you need 5.8Ghz FPV real time image transmission, need purchase the following parts:

Here are the parts:

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