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Walkera Super FP 4CH Helicopter 2.4GHz Flybarless BNF

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Today, we got new products from Walkera, yes, maybe you know, Super FP! This looks sharp and the price is good. Super FP, it has a 3-Axis Gyro, based on the famous Mini CP, factory reprogram it specially for Super FP, so make it so stable! Some people say that, Walkera 2.4GHz Mini Super FP RC Helicopter, a 4ch version of the Genius/ Mini cp. Compare to it's 6ch brothers, the mini Super FP seems to be a bit more stable, and a little longer flight time. Yes, correct! Walkera 2.4GHz Mini Super FP BNF Flybarless 4CH Helicopter is more stable and longer flight time. Super FP is made for beginners, for cruising around with relaxing pace. Mini CP is for advanced players, able to fly 3D movement and very fast respond. Maybe it is good news for the beginners, and I think this is a good choice for you.

Overall length: 220mm
Main rotor dia.: 241mm
Tail rotor dia.: 42mm
Gyro: Three-axis
Main brush motor: 1220FC
Tail brush motor: 0615R
Servo: wk-02-5
Battery: 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po
Dimension: 220*40*77mm

All Super FP RC helicopter were setup and tested by our skilled technican before delivery. As 2.4Ghz technology do not require any frequency contorl. Makes this mode a lot safer to operate and don't have to worry about bringing the wrong crystal to the flying field.
Design for EXPERT pilot

The flybarless design characterizes low power loss and great improvements in efficiency
Sophisticated 3-Axis gyro flybarless stabilization system automatically adjusts the controls for stable flight
Highly developed low voltage drive system provides a green, environmentally friendly and safe power solution
Mini size helicopter for indoors, providing 5-6 minutes of flight time after a full charge

1). Simple airframe and composite plastic material make Super FP more light and durable.
2). Flexile and durable plastic rotor blades with highly precise swashplate.
3). Intergrated and durable canopy is designed extractively.
4). Convenient disassembling skid landing make it easier to operate.
5). Intergrated servo and receiver makes the control speed faster and preciser
6). 3-Axis Gyro control which makes flight stable is suitable for the beginners

Package Included:
1).Walkera 2.4GHz Mini Super FP Flybarless 4CH Helicopter
2).Li-Po Battery Charger
3).3.7V 240mAh Li-Po Battery
4).Spare main blade X 1 pair
5).Spare tail blade
6).Instruction manual

Try this Super FP, it's durable and VERY stable.

Check here:

Super FP Parts

Walkera 2.4GHz Mini Super FP BNF Flybarless 4CH Helicopter

Walkera RC helicopter 2.4GHz Super FP with 2402D transmitter

RC helicopter Walkera 2.4GHz Super FP w/t DEVO 7

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