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Wing-dragon Sportster

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Aerobatic version of the famous Wing-dragon!

Wingspan: 1180mm/46.6in
Length: 860mm/33.9in
Weight: 650gram/22.9 oz
Motor: 390
Airfoil: NACA2412
Battery: NI-MH 9.6V, 1000mAh
ESC: 30A Brushed ESC
Servo: 9gx4
R/C System: TB41-2.4GHz, 4CH, for the intermediate level user. Control is over Rudder,Elevator,Ailerons and speed controller. 4 servos included.
Enhanced aerobatic capability based on the stabel flight of the Wing-dragon. Inverted flight, rolls, loops, are all a  piece of cake

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Spare Parts for Wingdragon Sportster




  Item No. 52011
  Item No. 52021
 Item No. 52031
Fuselage set
Main wing set
Tail wing set



 Item No. 52041
 Item No. 52051
 Item No.52061

Landing gear set

Small plastic parts





 Item No. 52071
 Item No. 52101
 Item No. 33013

Wingdragon propeller

Sportster without radio

Speed controller



 Item No. 3F011


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