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World's first seaplane RTF with landing gear!

★ Wingspan: 930mm/36.6in
Length: 680mm/26.8in
★ Weight: 450g/15.8 oz
★ Wing area :15.4d㎡
★ Wing loading:29/ d㎡
★ Battery: NI-MH 8.4V,1000mAh
★ R/C System: ETB41-2.4GHz
★ Motor: BM2408-21 brushless
★ ESC: 20A brushless ESC
★ Servo: 9gx4

★.High scale, beautiful sticker.
★.Elegant flight.
★.Perfect function of flight, achieve low speed at low altitude.
★.Can be take off/ landing on water,or on land with offered landing gear for your like .

COOTA, a scale Triphibian model, has beautiful sticker, configured with more powerful brushless motor. It easily takes off from water; meantime, the flight is elegant and can do aerobatic flight, loops, rolls, inverted flight etc.

It could satisfy the beginners who want to own the Triphibian, and also be suitable for certain skilled.

Spare Parts for Coota




  Item No. 5D101
  Item No. 5D021
 Item No. 5D031
Fuselage set
Main wing set
Tail wing set




 Item No. 5D041
 Item No. 5D051
 Item No.5D061

Landing gear set


Small plastic set




 Item No. 5D071




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