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WFLY 2.4Ghz SET B receiver

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Product Information:

The specification of 2.4Ghz receivers:

A. Hopping frequency is high Speed.

WFLY 2.4G adopted hopping frequency to DSSS technology and the hopping speed is 4 MS one time.

B. 2.4G receiver outputs high reliable PWM signal to digital servo. Oscilloscope can observe the details with nano second. But other brand receiver PWM signal is not so reliable compared with WFLY 2.4G.

C. High 4096 resolution, high response( with WFT09S and WFT08S transmitter).

D. Recognize PPM, PCMS, 4096 PCMS modulation automatically.

E. With hopping DSSS, WFLY 2.4G is high reliable working with 50 transmitter together.


2.4Ghz SET B (WFTRFS+WFR07S)-- 2.4GHz module with 7 channel 2.4GHz receiver

Module Model: WFTRFS

Application: Airplane, helicopter, glider, car, boat

Band: 2.400GHz-2.4830GHz( varies with different country and region)

Output power: 100Mw

Current drain: 150mA

Radio frequency working statue checking function

Fail Safe

Modulation: PPM/PCMS 1024 /PCMS 4096 

Power: 9.6-12V

Dimension: 59×37×34mm

Weight: 40.9g

Receiver Model: WFR07S

Use inairplane, helicopter, glider, car, boat

Band2.400GHz-2.4830GHz ( varies with different country and region)

Receive sensitivity-97dBm

Fail safe

ModulationPPM/PCMS 1024/PCMS 4096




Range test in ground: more than 800M

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