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JR RD721 2.4Ghz 7ch DSM2 Receiver

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RD721 Dual Receiver — Spectacular Signal Clarity:
The RD721 dual receiver works perfectly with all the JRPRO Spektrum 2.4Ghz transmitters is key to the system’s incredibly robust RF link. Comprised of a compact main receiver that is linked to an even smaller satellite receiver by a 6” lead, the RD721 acts as a pair of extremely sharp RF “eyes” that each take in a slightly different view of the signal environment. Information from both receivers is then processed by patent pending Spektrum software that takes information from each receiver and combines it to form the most vivid “picture” of an RF signal than has ever been possible before. What’s more, there are no long antennas to accommodate. The RD721’s short 3” antennas don’t require any external exposure, so installation is an absolute breeze.


    7 Channels
    Includes Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2(R) technology.
    Dualink(TM) System (patent pending) employs dual receivers for a robust link.
    Up to 4 receivers can be employed for special applications.
    Dual battery ports.
    Eliminates interference from intermal or extemal sources.
    The easiest, safest way to fly.


    Typ : Full-range dual receiver
    Number of Channels : 7
    Modulation : DSM2
    Band : 2.4GHz
    Dimensions : 49 x 25 x 15.9mm
    Weight : 15g

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