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Model   Capacity (cc)       Bore (mm)     Stroke (mm)    recommends practical  propeller speed (rpm)   mass (g)
15CQ2.47 15 .014.08×4 3000-30000248

ManualPlease note! Should be used whenever the safety of your common sense. Must comply with the following description, the warnings and safety requirements, can play the advantages of your internal combustion engine can, and bring you pleasure in use.Your personal safety to use this full responsibility for internal combustion engines. Must know your going to do. Remember, this is an internal combustion engine is not a "toy", but a precision machine manufacturing. If you ignore this, do not comply with safety requirements, it is possible to harm you and others will never make a pleasant change for the injury or even tragedy of things! If you have any questions of any security or have any doubts, please, and model retail store or contact me directly.Your hands before use this internal combustion engine, must read the safety instructions and the implementation here.
★ special warning:1, operating internal combustion engines, he must be detrimental to children and other persons away from you and the internal combustion engine! Watch all must leave at least 6 meters!2, to strong internal combustion engine installed in a solid test bench, plus spring washers. Internal combustion engines must not be directly caught in the vise on Taiwan. Internal combustion engine installed in the model, to adopt the model proposed factory or retail stores, high-quality base, and the recognition of internal combustion engine has been firmly fixed on the base.3, to use all the appropriate diameter and pitch propeller (drawings and models from the instructions found on the propeller of the data can also be propeller factory or retail stores to understand); never be used with nicks, scratches, cracks , wear, or damage to the phenomenon of unbalanced propeller; never be changed, repair, propeller bent or scraped. If your engine working volume is greater than 40 (that is 6.5cc), we recommend that you use only wooden paddle, do not use plastic or glass fiber oars. All non-wood require special inspection and careful use, in accordance with the propeller manufacturer´s instructions for processing.4, installation of the propeller when the side to make a circular blade on to the front. Propeller with a suitable wrench to firmly fixed in the former, after the paddle between the pad (retail stores have a special propeller nut wrench for sale). Engine vibration may work loose propeller, to regular checks, as necessary, tighten or replace.5, the internal combustion engine startup or running, to make your face and body is not rotating propeller plane; another internal combustion engine running, do not hand over from the internal combustion engine to adjust, we should start turning the propeller behind the engine and carburetor to adjust.6, start allocating available paddle rubber truncheon, or electric starter. These stores can be found in the model. According to the instructions for these tools. If you start with your fingers dial paddle must be coaches or, if under the guidance of experienced enthusiasts.7, if the internal combustion engine to stop running, turn off the throttle, cut off the air supply; also interrupt the fuel supply (pinched tubing or tubing from the carburetor on the pull). Never hand, fingers or other parts of the body to stop the rotation of the propeller. Also can not operate in the internal combustion engine is still something to stop it.8, under any circumstances, can no longer power lines or power lines or near the following flying control line model airplanes.
★ safety recommendations:A, the internal combustion engine when starting or running, wear safety goggles or safety helmet.B, do not loose gravel or sand in a place where running internal combustion engine. Propeller will gravel flung your face and eyes.C, do not let loose wear material, such as clothes, cuffs, ties or scarves around the propeller. Do not store in the shirt pocket pencil, ruler, screwdriver and other items that may slide, to prevent them from falling out and hit the propeller.D, to confirm the Heat head (glow plug), starter cable clip and away from the propeller.E, as equipped with fairing, must not make the gap edge to suppress the propeller blades, which can cause fatigue phenomenon occurs propeller.F, to all the internal combustion engine fuel in a safe place, should stay away from a spark, heat or other places likely to ignite the fuel. Keep in mind, the model is very easy to ignite fuel in use must be particularly careful. In the preparation and operation of internal combustion engine startup phase, can not smoke and do not let smoke into the internal combustion engine or fuel repository.G, as in internal combustion engines work, mobility model, paying particular attention to the propeller, making it far away from themselves and others.H, model engine work with great heat. It stopped running and before cooling, not to touch any part of the internal combustion engine.L, not in the garage, basement and other enclosed places running internal combustion engine. Model internal combustion engines and internal combustion engine vehicles, as in running will emit deadly carbon monoxide. Only in the security and well- ventilated place running internal combustion engine.

★ internal combustion engine works:First of all electric-type model engine cylinder through the external fuel suction and compression, mounted in the cylinder head through the top of the Miami Heat after the first fire burning for power. Ignition batteries have enough capacity, can platinum wire loop heated and maintained at the orange-red. If the muffler removed, can be seen from the cylinder exhaust port in the orange light.Fuel starts to burn there are two basic conditions: First, the heat of platinum wire loop; second platinum wire catalyst on the catalytic role of the fuel. The combustion engine starts, as long as the appropriate proportion of the supply of fuel and air, it would have been afloat.

★ internal combustion engine starting:Clover engine model produced in the factory, each have carried out test bed, the carburetor´s idle state has been basically adjust. 100% to start.Bench test the starter:Of the internal combustion engine test bench is not important. But the short-term test bed allows you to start and adjust the familiar, is also good on the running machine.1, about internal combustion engines with four thick enough, but also on both sides of the mounting holes through the casing screws, gaskets, nuts firmly fixed in a groove, or thick layers of hard wood, the screws should be long enough wood thickness 15 or 20mm, groove width and wide receiver under the same side. Then the board is firmly attached to the bench, bench should have a considerable distance from the propeller, no loose items around, to prevent being inhaled or enter the propeller rotation due to vibration range.2, to prepare a fuel tank, oil tank out of the mouth height and the height of internal combustion engine carburetor similar (to level more). Then prepare a 3AH battery of more than 1.5V or 2V small battery, which should add at least 3.5 m long wire as a buck (long-term orbit around the battery). Of course, it is best to use a dedicated ignition (model shop on sale).3, the propeller mounted on the internal combustion engine, so that paddle at 2 o´clock position (looking from the front propeller) is just the beginning compression cylinder piston in the mixture. Propeller specifications, see Table.4, the carburetor´s high speed needle screwed in the end, then back to two laps around a half a lap, high-speed needle about to open;5, the throttle fully open, the operator plugged the face of the left thumb with the carburetor air inlet, the propeller counter-clockwise direction toggle, you can see the oil flow in the pipeline and reach nozzle Department, then dial the next two oars, allow oil to enter the internal combustion engine, not into too much oil to prevent the rich oil. Loose block the inlet of the finger;6, then you can press the Heat first power supply;7, the throttle is half off, Caution paddle, oil in the cylinder will hear the voice of outbreaks. Such as sound, can repeat the suction twice (Note: At this time the Heat must be broken first power). Remove the muffler can be used for beginners, and then into the cylinder from the exhaust port to start a few drops of fuel;8, the damper to maximum, and slowly tighten the small high speed needle, then the engine speed increased, experienced lovers with ears hear the sound engine is running, will know the maximum speed the engine is transferred to the state;9, removal of the Heat´s head 1.5V power connector, the engine can operate normally.In accordance with the above steps, a model of internal combustion engine is starting, but it should be repeated several times for beginners practicing. Slide the propeller by hand in particular, must have experience in coaching or under the guidance of fans in order to avoid internal combustion engines suddenly start wounded finger. Strongly recommended that beginners should not start by hand paddle aside, to start internal combustion engine with starter, it will be more secure, and easy to start.Model engine starter

Mailbox on the first model plus a good oil, then the remote control switch and receiver switches to open model, and then press the test bed of 3 to 9 steps to start, the carburetor throttle control with a remote control.Failure AnalysisAccording to the above steps, internal combustion engines still can not start, there may be several reasons:1, inhaled too much oil, for beginners as impatient, repeatedly blocked with a finger inlet carburetor, fuel into the cylinder, causing excessive fuel, time and even the exhaust pipe is full of fuel. Internal combustion engine can be upside down and gently turn the propeller, so the extra fuel discharged from the exhaust port, the Heat can also be removed first, rotating the propeller to make a few extra cylinder in the fuel discharge.2, Heat head is not firing. Check Heat shiny head is normal (can be observed from the exhaust port). Heat can also be the first, connected to 1.5V power supply to see if you can red-hot. If the burn is not red, that is, the Heat head out of the problem. If the 1.5V power supply may be insufficient to burn (usually 3 # Miami Heat head connected to 1.5V power supply should be more than 2A of current).3, the use of fuel, the castor oil too.4, from the mailbox, pipe to the carburetor, the oil system oil spills, leaks or blockage.5, use of more long-combustion engine, cylinder and piston has been worn down very low compression ratio is also not easy to start. Two-stroke internal combustion engine is not allowed to leak throughout the body, if any leakage of the place, the engine hard to start.

★ Remote Control (R / C) carburetor:Carburetor internal combustion engines are equipped with remote control remote control, it is easy to adjust, reliable, can be transferred to a low speed and can accelerate quickly. The structure shown in Figure:            
      This carburetor has two needle system:
        1 - High-speed adjustment (high speed needle)                
         2 - Low speed mixture adjustment (idle needle)         
         3 - damper stopper adjustment,


can control the idle speed (throttle to the minimum)Idle needle has been adjusted at the factory is good, as long as the micro-plus adjustments to achieve the best value. Do not mistake idle position.Mainly by entering idle throttle by throttle stopper position, rather than the idle speed needle by the decision, which only regulate the mixture ratio to ensure stable idle running and excellent acceleration.

★ Electric Heating Fuel:Any brand of goods Electric Heating fuel oil (containing 10% nitromethane and better) are applied to three leaves produced by internal combustion engine model. Domestic fans generally use methanol and castor oil mixed oil,castor oil of which about 20% to 25%. Please note that these fuels by poisoning, should be particularly careful, not to enter the mouth, eyes, and the wound.

★ Heat head:Can choose any type of Heat until hot head.

★ ★ ★ final reminderInternal combustion engine is not a "toy." It has great power, and you take full responsibility for a person to it. Remember: a model needs to operate any techniques and safety measures from beginning to end. Operation of model aircraft, model boat or car, has great energy, can cause severe damage and destruction.

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