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AL-ZTW 40A Programmable BEC Brushless BEC for Quadcopter Multico

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AL-ZTW 40A Programmable BEC Brushless BEC for Quadcopter Multicopter
ZTW40A Brushless BEC for 3 phases motor, adopts Micro CPU, with high compatibility, reliability and stability
- Output current: 40A
- Instant current:60A(10 seconds)
- Power:5-18 nimh/nickel cadmium battery or 2-6 lithium batteries
- Weight:26g
- BEC output:5.5V/4A
- Size:23*52*7mm(L*W*H)
- Unlimited rotate speed support:Unlimited support the Maxmium Speed of all brushless motors
- Cycling menu set, easy to operate
- High Precision and stable accelerator linear
- Security power function: does not start motor wherever the accelerator draw bar places when power on, prevencting from sudden retation of motor
- Protection of Remote Signal loss
- Over heat protection: down to half power automatically when temperature up to 110℃ and recover when temperature below 110℃
- High capacity of servo installation
- Compatible with all kinds of brushless motor
- Support Programme function
- Brake setting: With bake and non-brake function, defult as non-brake
- Battery:Lipo,NC,defult as 3 Lipo
- Lower power protection mode: reduce output power gradually/ turn off output and not detect lower power till power off and the motor shall stop retate. Defult as reduce output power gradually
- start mode: defult as mild start.
- Frequency:8KHz/16KHz defult as 8KHz
Package included:
- 1 40A brushless BEC

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