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SKYRC TORO 8 X80 80A ESC FOR 1/8 CAR SK-300002

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Toro 8 speed controls set a new standard in brushless performance and Toro 8 is big power in a small package.


This brushless, sensorless speed control is packed with many features making it unbeatable for either non stop fun or top level racing.


The features of Toro 8 can be easily accessed and adjusted using the program card. At the press of a single button you can adjust the LiPo battery voltage cut off, the maximum punch, the brake strength, the drag brake, the motor timing and the reverse lock out! All the setting will show on the program card at once. Can’t get any easier!


The complete new design will prove that brushless technology has just reached a new high!

• Super smooth starting up

• New high performance heat dissipation power boards

• Built in ventilation fan for extreme cooling

• Safety features including thermal cut off

• LiPo/NiCd/NiMH Support

• New software increases power and top speeds

• New adjustable features via included program card- Very easy to use

• New high power brakes, fully adjustable

• New high power drag brakes, fully adjustable

• Support LiPo up to 6 cells

• Small size – 49x58x36mm

• Weight - 88g (excluding wires)

Controls, TORO 8

Rev/Brk/ or Fwd/Fwd

Motor Limits, TORO 8

Input Power (Cells)


Brushless KV > 2400

Up to 4S(16.8Volt),ideal for 1/8 buggies

Brushless KV 2400

Up to 6S(25.2Volt),ideal for 1/8 monster trucks and buggies


Brushless KV < 2300

Up to 4S(16.8Volt),ideal for 1/8 buggies

On Resistance, Brushless


0.0002 Ohms per phase at 25℃(77°FTrans.Temp


0.0004 Ohms per phase at 25℃(77°FTrans.Temp

Continuous/Burst Current





Switching BEC

5.7V 3Amp

Status LED

1 with 3 color (Red, Green & Orange)

Thermal Overload Protection




Weight(Without wires)


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