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Hobbywing G3 Advance Gyro

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1   Specification

1.1 Input:  4.5-6.5V,  operating current = 50mA, maximum current <100mA.
1.2 Size: 26mm*24mm*9mm.
1.3 Weight: 12g.
1.4 Suitable Servo:
         Standard digital servos, frequency 333Hz, servo neutral point: 1520us.
         Narrow band digital servos, frequency 560Hz, servo neutral point: 760us.

2   Features
2.1 Dual working modes:  Normal mode and Head-lock mode, switched by the sensitivity value of the GAIN channel of your transmitter.
2.2 Compatible with standard digtal servo and narrow band digital servo.
2.3 User programmable.
2.4 Uses advanced MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) angular rate sensor to get super performance.
2.5 Advanced algorithm: AVCS (Angular Vector Control System) algorithm provides best tail-control performance.
2.6 Built-in temperature compensation circuit eliminates the drift caused by environment temperature changing.
2.7 Completely digitalized to make the gyro more reliable: Each programmable value is adjusted by a SET button without any analog component such as trimming potentiometer.

Programmable Items
1. Servo type (Standard digital servo  / Narrow band digital servo). 
2. Servo travel direction (Normal / Reversed).
3. Servo travel limit (Clockwise direction). 
4. Servo travel limit (Anticlockwise direction).
5. Reset all programmanle items to default settings.

A PDF reader is needed to open the user manual. Please click the icon to download it.
User manual

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