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SKYRC Discharger SK-100028

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Auto cut discharger for AAA size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries 0.9V cut off.

- Eliminate memory effect of NiMH cells and maximize battery life.  
- Four independent discharging slots.
- LED indicators for easy check of discharging status.
- 1000mA current for fast discharging.
- 0.9V cut off.
- Aluminum case for superior heat dissipation.
- Screw type battery terminal is comfortable to fix battery.

Perfect for Mini-Z racer

How to Use
1. Put 1 – 4 cells of NiMH batteries into the slot. Make sure polarity of the batteries are in right direction.
2. Tighten the screws gently until their tips touch to the batteries. LEDs will glow when you put 2 cells on 1-2 slots or 3-4 slots. If you put only one cell in any slot, the LED will not turn on. However the battery is under discharging process. (To turn on the LEDs, you need 2 cells in pair)
3. When LEDs turn off, please unscrew 4 screws and take out the batteries from the tray.

  • 9999 Units in Stock

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