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KYOSHO 1:10 Scale 4WD Gasoline On-Road Car(No.31364)

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1/10 PureTen GP 4WD FW-05T PLUS

FERRARI 360 GTC Scuderia Ecosse

No.31364   Readyset

2-speed A/T and shaft driven 4WD performance for everyone!
“Plus” version turbo boosts performance!

The easy-drive style and great value of the FW-05T that made it the ideal first GP racecar has been further enhanced into “FW-05T Plus”. Beginner and expert-level drivers alike will notice the effect of the enhanced features immediately. The same GXR15 engine with recoil starter and 2-speed A/T powers an enhanced drive train with front universal shafts and suspension with aluminum oil shocks as new standard features. In addition, tie-rods, steering rods and rear upper arms have been upgraded to turnbuckles for fast one-touch adjustment of chassis alignment. And the FW-05T Plus is still available at a great value price! Just add fuel, batteries and set the body, and the fun and action of R/C racing is at your fingertips. Ford’s world famous Mustang body has been expertly painted and finished with stickers already applied for this factory-assembled chassis. This machine is the ideal choice for those ready for some fast and furious racing, without the setup time!

  • Equipped with oil shocks featuring spring tension adjustment on aluminum shock cases. Produces reliable damping power. Universal swing shafts fitted on front.
  • Uses the V-ONE RRR rear hub to realize an ultra-stable machine. Packed with Kyosho’s proven racing technology.
  • Turnbuckles on upper arms allow setting adjustment of the double wishbone rear suspension without removing ball ends.
  • Equipped with 2-speed automatic transmission as standard. New design brake disk holder produces powerful brake control
  • Equipped with proven slide carburetor with return spring. Slow speed idle adjustment realizes stable idling and excellent engine response.

    • Shaft driven 4WD racing machine comes as a factory-assembled chassis complete with pre-installed R/C system.
    • Body is pre-cut and expertly painted and factory-finished with decals applied.
    • 2-speed A/T included as standard. Reach the upper limits of the engines power band!
    • Lightweight design with a low center of gravity produces optimal balance between racing performance and ease of control. Even expert-level drivers will appreciate the subtle sophistication of the performance.Just add fuel and set the batteries on the pre-assembled chassis with pre-installed R/C system and you’re ready to take your place on the starting grid.
    • Front axle now equipped with universal swing shafts.
    • Tie-rods, steering rod and rear upper arms use turnbuckles for fast and easy adjustment of alignment.
    • Aluminum oil shock cases adopted in suspension system. Adjustable-type nuts allow non-step adjustment of spring tension.
    • Features the same rear hubs used in the World Championship winning V-ONE RRR.
    • Realizes the unity of speed and control typical of shaft-driven 4WD
    • Lightweight resin center shaft driven 4WD produces sharp acceleration response.
    • High reliability and controlled braking achieved with disk brakes.
    • Loaded with GXR15 engine featuring slide carburetor with slow running speed adjuster.
    • Lower resistance from the compact one-way-less recoil starter (Patent pending) extends the engine’s high range speed.
    • Total of 22 ball bearings used throughout for full bearing specifications.
    • Large capacity air cleaner and tuned muffler are included as standard equipment.
    • Includes inner-sponge supported high-grip rubber tires pre-glued onto wheels.
    • Parts are compatible with FW-05S and FW-05R. Turbo boost your car just by bolting on specially designed optional upgrade parts!
    • Includes fuel bottle and glow plug heater (requires 2 x D-size batteries ? not included)

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  • Pre-assembled chassis with pre-installed R/C linkages
  • Mounted with GXR15 engine fitted with recoil starter
  • Equipped with special manifold and muffler
  • Pre-cut body is fully finished with painting and stickers applied
  • Includes Perfex KT-3DX R/C system
  • Perfex servos are pre-installed
  • Fuel Bottle
  • Glow Plug Heater
  • ※ Fuel, 12 x AA-sized batteries for R/C system and 2 x D-size batteries for Plug Heater are sold separately.

Chassis Technical Data
100mm (approx.)
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
Φ 64 x 24mm
Gear Ratio
7.47 / 5.44 : 1
1,800g (approx.)
GXR15 with recoil starter

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