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700 3G Programmable Flybarless System/Black HN7093QA

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Instruction: Specification:
●3-axis gyroscopic flybarless system to simulate the stability of mechanical flybar system, yet at the same time achieving agile 3D performance.
●Utilizes Silicon Micro Machine (SMM) sensors for excellent stability.
●12 bit processors providing ultra high resolution, resulting in highly precise controls
●Software upgradable through PC interface adapter
(sold separately)
●Simplistic setup process without the need of external devices. Setup is done through 5 steps and 2 sensitivity adjustments. Rudder setup is identical to GP780 gyro, minimizing learning curve.
●Flybarless system dramatically improves 3D power output and efficiency, resulting in reduced fuel or electricity consumption.
●Highly sensitive gyroscopic sensors combined with advanced control detection routine providing higher hovering and aerobatic stability than other flybarless system.
●Suitable for all CCPM and mechanical mixing system.
●Comaptible with helicopter of all sizes from T-Rex 250 to T-Rex 700.
●Innovative Pitch Gau as an aid to facilitate pitch adjustments.
●High frame rate signal output for faster and higher precision servo response.
●Capable to operate between 3V to 8.4V, compatible with high voltage servos.
●Small footprint, light weight, minimalists and reliable design.
●Suitable Voltage Range:DC 3~8.4V
●Current Comsumption:<80mA @ 4.8V
●Flip and Roll rate detection speed: :±300degrees/sec
●Rudder rate detection speed:±500degrees/sec
●Sensor resolution: 12bit
●Operating temperatur:-20℃~65℃
●Operating humidity:0%~95%
●RoHS certified
Control box:42x26.5x14.5mm
Control box:16g
●Main Rotor head Set x1
●Flybarless control unit x1
●Flybarless Sensor x1
●Screw bag x1
●Linkage rod A x2
●Linkage ball A x2
●Head Stopper x1
●Mixing base assembly x1
●Pitch Gauge x1
●Sensor mounting foam x2
●Signal extension wire 100mm x1
●Signal extension wire 220mm x1
●F servo horns x3
●J servo horns x3

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