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IMAX B8+ Balance charging/discharging SK-100020

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iMAX B8+ provides most convenient balance charge port for Lithium batteries, the universal connector, pitch 2.54mm, compatible for Align XH, Kokam/Robbe Packs from 2 cells to 8 cells.

Optimized user interface
When charging or discharging, B8+ has an "AUTO" function that sets the feeding current automatically. Especially for Lithium batteries, it can prevent the over charging that can lead to an explosion by user's fault. Every program in the unit is controlled with mutual links and communication for every possible error for maximum safety. These can be set at user's option. It provides most convenient balance charge port for Lithium batteries, the universal connector, pitch 2.54mm,compatible for Align XH, Kokam/Graupner/Robbe Packs from 2 cells to 8 cells.

Maximum Safety
Delta-Peak Sensitivity: The automatic charge termination program works on the principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection. Auto-charge current limit: When charging NiCd or NiMH at "AUTO" current mode, you can set the upper limit of charge current to avoid from high current charging. This is very useful when charging the low impedance and small capacity NiMH battery in "AUTO" mode.

Capacity Limit: The charging capacity always calculated by multiple of the charging current and time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit the process will be terminated automatically when you set the maximum value.

Temperature Limit: The temperature of the battery on charging will rise by its internal chemical reaction. If you set the limit of temperature the process will be expired forcibly when the limit has reached. Processing Time Limit: You can also restrain the maximum process time to prevent from any possible defect. Input Power Monitor: To protect the car battery using as input power from being damaged the voltage of it always monitored. If it drops below the lower limit the process will be ended, automatically.

High-power and high-performance circuit
B8+ employs the circuit that has maximum output power of 150W. As a result it can charge or discharge up to 27 cells of NiCd/NiMH and 8 series of Lithium batteries with maximum current of 7.0A. Furthermore the cooling system is so efficient that can hold such a power without any trouble of running the CPU or the operating program. Universal connector, pitch 2.54mm,compatible for Align XH, Kokam/Graupner/Robbe Packs from 2 cells to 8 cells.

Maximum Circuit Power Chart
The actual amount of charge current feeding to the battery is automatically be limited to 150 Watts, so not to exceed the charger's maximum rated charging power. The maximum discharge power is approximately 20 Watts. The discharge current delivered to the charger is limited by charger's internal thermal sensor for maximum discharge current. If the internal temperature over 80 Celsius, the charger will be cut off and "TEMP OVER ERR" will show on the LCD. In this case, please decrease discharge current.

Individual voltage balance for Lithium batteries inside
B8+ has an individual-cell-voltage balancer inside. This does not require any extra balancer when charging Lithium batteries (Lilo/LiPo/LiFe) for cell voltage balancing.

Balance individual cells on discharge
B8+ also can monitor and balance individual cells of the Lithium battery pack during the discharge process. If the voltage of nay one cell varies abnormally, the process will be stopped with the error message.

Suitable for various types of Lithium batteries
B8+ can accept three types of Lithium batteries-Lilo, LiPo and LiFe. They have different characteristics by their chemistry. You can select any one of them that you are going to process before the job. For their specifications, refer "Warnings and safety notes" section.

Lithium battery "Fast" and "Storage" mode
You can charge Lithium battery for special purposes. "Fast" charge reduces the charging time of Lithium battery and "Storage" mode controls the final voltage of the battery to be suit for long time storage.

Data Store/Load
For users convenience it can store maximum 10 data of different batteries. You can establish the data contains program setting of the battery to charge or discharge continually. These data can be called out at any time you need and the process can be executed without program setting.

Cyclic charging/discharging
Perform 1 to 5 cycles of charge? discharge or discharge? charge continually for battery refreshing and balancing.

PC based analysis using USB communication
For technical expert, B8+ offers PC based program can analysis the characteristic of the battery by USB port. It shows a graph of voltage, current, capacity and temperature curves. It also shows the individual voltage of each cell in the Lithium battery pack.(*PC analysis software and USB Link wire are not included)


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