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DSM2 4-axis Flight-Ctrl Board for JR / Spektrum

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The Flight-Ctrl Board is a DSM2 system for Quad-copter, compatible with all JR, Spektrum DSM2 system 2.4G requiring full range 5ch up transmitter. 

This Flight-Ctrl Board can work for Walkera QR ladybird, QR ladybird V2, and wl toy V939 RC UFO

I. Specification

Remote control distance: > 80 m

Drive motor current: 1500 mA

Low-voltage protection: 3.0V

Fail-Safe: after 2 seconds closing motor output

Outline dimension: 25 * 26 mm

Mounting hole size: 20 * 20 mm

II. Mode of Connection

Connect the motor to flight control board in accordance with the above method, when the motor rotating in the opposite direction, swap two motor lines to adjust.

III. Bind:

The Flight-Ctrl Board must be bound to the transmitter before it will operate for the first time. The detailed operation is as follows: Do not turn on the transmitter at first, but power on the Flight-Ctrl Board. Wait for LED starts blinking fast, then the Flight-Ctrl Board will be into frequency mode;turn on the transmitter bind switch to boot (Same as the ordinary receiver frequency mode, referring to the instructions of the remote control), when the FC board LED flash slowly means radio has received signal, do not move the FC board at this time until the LED stays on, it can flight directly after LED lit. It is unnecessary to bind with transmitter next flight, but turn on the transmitter at first, and then power on flight control board.

IV. Flight control board power-up initialization

The FC board will be initialized when it connects to power. Once it connects to power, LED will flash, and then FC will wait for transmitter signal. Make sure you have opened the remote control and joystick (including Trim) is in the middle. Under the throttle channel joystick is in the smallest, and the LED is not lit during waiting for the remote control signal. If no signal is received within the specified time, then enter the frequency mode. Receiving the remote control signal, it will go into the gyroscope self-test status, at this time the LED will flash every two times. Keep the FC circumstance no vibration, nor could get in the hands. When Gyro self test is completed and LED stays on mean it can fly.

V. Low-voltage protection

when the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the FC will go into the low voltage protection mode. Then LED will flash, while slowly reducing the speed of the motor until the motor stops.

VI. Fail-safe
Motor will stop in 2 seconds when the flight control can not receive the signal.

VII. Flight control parameter adjustment

The flight control can set up flight control sensitivity by the remote control sensitivity channel (GEAR). 50% as the dividing line, when sensitivity value is greater than 50%, it is the normal mode, the greater the sensitivity is, the more stable the aircraft is. So We advice beginner to adjust it as about 80 to flight. When the sensitivity value is less than 50%, it is 3D mode, the smaller the sensitivity is, the more stable the aircraft is. At the same time the action of control is large, suitable for experienced users.

VIII. Transmitter Settings

Model: HELI

Reverse: THRO=N; AILE=N; ELEV=N; RUDD=N; All default does not reverse

Swash Type: 1 SERVO NORM

Swash Type: 1 SERVO NORM Single Servo mode no mixing

Due to the different models, definition of the remote control may not be exactly the same, so please be sure aircraft movements before the first flight.

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