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Walkera DEVO F7DS 2.4G digital transmit image Radio

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2.4G Wireless Digital Signal Transmission
More clear, more reliable and with longer range FPV

Digital Image Transmission
Strong Anti-interference

DEVO F7DS real time image monitoring makes the flight more wonderful!

Features of 2.4G image transmission:
1. 2.4Ghz wireless digital video/ audio Synchronous Transmission.
2. Automatic Frequency - hopping, strong antiinterference, and with strong adaptability.
3. Using digital Phase- locked loop circuit, temperature non-shift, imaged more stable.
4. Strong power, transmission distance great.
5. Higher receiver sensitivity: -103db


Transmitter Specification:
1). Encoder: 7ch micro computer system
2). Frequency: 2.4Ghz DSSS
3). Output power: ≤100mW
4). Current Drain: ≤500mA (100mW)
5). Power supply: 7.4v 800mAh LiPo
6). Output impuse:1000—2000mS(netural:1500mS)
7). Image receive: 2.4G
8). Transmitter measure Frequency: 2.4G(2406MHZ-2478MHZ)

Receiver Specification:
1). Type: 2.4Ghz 7 channels
2). Sensitivity:-105dbm
3). Weight: 11.6g
4). Size:43*28*16mm
5). Receiver Battery: 4.8-6V 1300MAH
6). Frequency interval: >4M

Package includes:
1 x USB cable
1 x Neck strap
1 x Coach cable

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