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NEW PRODUCT! X-BAR-MINI Flybarless System For RC Helicopters!

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X-BAR-MINI Flybarless System

3 axis gyro Flybarless System

Safety Precautions
Remote control(R/C)helicopters are not toys! Main blades rotate at high speed and pose potential risk.Never use our products in close proximity buildings or crows of people Pilots' control mistakes or radio interference,they may lead to pther severe accidents.pilots must bear full responsibility for theie actions and all caused damage,flybarless Helicopters are relatively traditional aileron helicopters to servo drive current demand higher.Although X-bar can support the aniaog servo,but still recommend the use of digital servo and provide sufficient current to the servo; Because X-bar internal gyro sensor is sensitive to vibration will affect the performance of X-bar into full Play,and even have the wrong action.

Produst Specifications

Installation dimension:39mm*26mm*15mm(lenght*width*height)
Installation weight:26g
Working voitage:5-8.4V
The quiescent current 60mA

X-BAR connecting

Remote controlsetungs
Create a new model and saved,tilting disc mode select H-1 or 1 Servo mode,each channel action corresponds to only one channel can't mix any of them.Ensure that and neutral point trim(Sub-Trim)returns to zero.If X-bar can make the remote control the rudder sensitivity,please adjust the sensitivity of GAER to 50% before,then you can adjust it to the appropriate sensitivity when flying.


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