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After you have drones, you will find...

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As if overnight, drones have entered the lives of ordinary people. Friends said that he realized this for the first time. In the circle of friends, he saw people photographing and said that the drones had finally arrived for several weeks. In fact, as we unconsciously, drones have entered our ordinary lives and become playthings that ordinary people and young people can afford.

When you start to think about drones, you will find newspapers, magazines, and social media around you all talking about drones. At this time, you will find information on drones that can be seen or heard everywhere, but you still feel ignorant about drones.

Until you have a drone, when the paddle rotates, the FPV glasses are put on, and the lens rises. You will recognize the drone again. It will give you a first perspective that will make you look and feel refreshed.

After you have drones, you will find...

The same world, different perspectives

All things in the world you saw before were static.
Today, both speed and passion are coming for you.

Eye perspective

Armor Blue Shark Little Shark FPV First View

When you haven't entered the pit of a drone, the one with the most information you receive must have 'take control and go home'.

With drones, you will find .....

‘Take control of home’ can also be non-existent

Many newcomers who have just come into contact will ask: Will the drone never return once it is gone!

Nowadays, many drones have been designed with a one-click homecoming return function. Like the DJI,hubsan,walkera,
ZEROTECH DOBBY, Simtoo these brands of drones a one-key return function is designed. In the middle of a flight, tello can be intelligently automated by pressing the one-click return button. Return flight. Even novices can swiftly fly without pressure and no longer have to worry about flying their drones.

In your drone friend's heap, there must be someone who has been dying for you with science. Every time you blow up, the kidneys will hurt once. When you haven't touched the drone yet, you've already feared the word 'blaster'.

With drones, you will find .....

Headless flight mode can minimize bombers

In addition to the powerful one-click return feature, many drones are also equipped with a headless mode feature, like the Armor Blue Shark Little Shark is equipped with headless mode features, also supports 360 ° roll, so you do not have to worry about the direction of the head Unexplained and explosive, but also let you experience more interesting game drones.

When you start to pay attention to drones, you will find everywhere you can see the news of the drone blades hurting you. You are more afraid of flying drones and you are afraid to get into trouble.

With drones, you will find .....

Safe ‘zero’ miniaturization design exists

Today, many drones are guarded against in terms of security. Armor Blue Shark's body is equipped with four propeller guards, allowing novices to fly safely.
And it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Because now, you have more than just a drone. It is a pair of wings that can take you back to explore the world and take you to soar. This is the charm of quadcopter and drones.

Drone recommendation:
simtoo moment quedcopter
Auto Hover, Auto Landing, Automatically Following, Forward/backward, Hover, One Key Taking Off, Sideward flight, Turn left/right, Up/down, Visual Tracking, WiFi Connection

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