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Walkera QR W100S WIFI FPV RC UFO with DEVO 7E

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Walkera QR W100S Wifi FPV RC UFO, equipped with wifi module, and support iphone, ipad series products, you can enjoy the real control feeling by the gravity sensor.

Main Rotor Dia.: 55.8mm
Software: WK-REMOTE
Gyro: six-axis
Overall Length: 133mm
Transmitter: DEVO 7E
Drive Motor: HS-8520
Overall Width: 120mm
ALL-up weight: 76g (Battery included)
Battery: 3.7V 600MAH LI-PO
Receiver: RX2646H-DS

QR W100S white blades installed at the front motor position, and orange blades at the back position.
After connecting the power of the UFO, please check the propellers rotation direction, a front/back propellers rotate CW, b front/back propellers rotate CCW.
Press the four hook of QR W100 motor frame, pull them out, then intall the motor grame of QR W100S.

Walkera QR W100S is wifi series product, you can control it through the wifi, and you can view the video in real time and enjoy the first person view and have more fun.

The radio/phone will received the signal directly from QR W100S. No need to use with the network, you can flight it at anytime, anywhere.

You can enjoy the real control feeling though the gravity sensor to move the helis/quads to right, left, back and forward. And the most fantastic thing is your family members or friends can watch the video on their iphone/ipad while you are flying the aircraft. It's great fun to share the happy feeling.

Iphone/Ipad/Touch is able to control the mini quad-copter flight by wifi. The control range is about 80m(depend on the Wifi net). There is 30w pixel HD camera with this product.

The Gravity sensor could be activated to improve the pilot's hand-feeling when use cellphone to control the flight. It will make more stable flight and fun.

Equipped with wifi module; Support iphone, ipad series products
Support Walkera DEVO series Transmitter.
The usage of 6-axis gyro and intergration design of the flight status control, ensures the precise location of the flight performance.
Adopting quad-motors driving system, stable flight, and can easily do the front and back, left and right rolls.
The simple and compact modularized design, easy to install and maintain.
Flight time will be up to 5 to 7 min on a 3.7V 600MAH lipo
The RX firmware can be updated online (required UP02 upgrade cable and adapter).

Flight time:5--7min
Battery: 3.7V 600mah Lipo


1). Model Name:Devo 7E
2). Product type: Transmitter
3). Encoder:7-channel micro computer system
4)Wigth*Height*Thick: 154*150*56* mm
5)Weight:417g(w/o TX battery)
6). Frequency: 2.4GHZ DSSS
7).Output power:≤100mW
8). Current Drain: 200mA(100mW)
9). Battery: 5# Battery 4*1.5V Or Ni MH 4*1.2V 1600-2000mAh
10).Output pluse:1000-2000ms

1). USB online update makes you always enojoy the lastest programme.
2). adjustability of hi-frequency output power enjoys more personality and friendly environment.
3). up to 30-model data can be saved.
4). DEVO-7E adjusting the gyro sensitivity makes hovering flight and fancy flight in an easy way.
5). Wireless data transfer and trainer function between two transmitters
6). Improved design of the Radiosticks make the control silky and smoothly
7). 4 different kinds of stick mode
8). suitable for helicopter and airplane. 

Walkera QR W100S Parts:

Download the manual from here: Manual of QR W100S.pdf

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