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LotusRC T580 four-rotor aircraft 6CH Quad Flyer ARF

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Functions and features
a) The T580 Quadcopter is a high precision four-rotor aircraft designed for stable recreational flight and aerial photography.
b) The aircraft arrives fully built and flight tested. However, to ship it to you the landing gear and propellers had to be dismantled - a 15 minute reassembly job.
c) To get this unit flying, you will need your RC Gear (at least 4 Channel Receiver) and 3s1p LiPo battery (2200mAh).
d) Lift is achieved using four high efficiency 12-inch propellers with direct drive low KV brushless motor. Maximum lifting efficiency of 12g per Watt.
e) The T580 utilizes a high-performance MEMS sensor for 6 DOF stabilization with low drift. Altitude hold is achieved via an integrated barometric sensor.
f) The T580 can take off and land vertically, hover, altitude hold, fly left, right, forward and back with ease.
g) Upgrading this basic quadcopter for aerial photography is easy via plug-n-play camera mount and stabilization system. Check our website to purchase these upgrade.

Function characteristics
T580 four-rotor aircraft is a high-performance model plane which is positioned on aerial photography players. It is brief in shape, stable in flying, easy in operation.
High efficiency: 12-inch slow paddle + disc direct drive brushless motor, maximum efficiency segment up to 12g / W.
Stability: 6 DOF motion measurement and control, the use of high-performance MEMS sensor technology, impact resistance, low drift.
Simplicity: Independent core system, compatible with all remote control devices, only needs 4 channels transmitter can make it fly.
Easy to use: quick installation, intuitive operation, with two-dimensional self-stable head support, but aerial player.

Package Inlcudes:
1.T580 KIT(include motor and propeller)
3.Flight Controller

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly (not including):
1.Transmitter and receiver
4.Camera mount set
5.Transmitter battery: 2A Battery x 8

Here are the parts:


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