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Walkera UB-001 Simulator for all Walkera 2.4G Transmitters

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Walkera UB-001 USB Simulator
(Support all Walkera 2.4G Transmitters)

Product instruction:
The dongle, a data conversion device used in flight simulation in PC, is specially designed for the beginners, making use of which can conveniently connect your transmitter to PC. Working with FMS software, you can quickly imporve your flight practice in PC.

The connection method:
1. Connect the accompanied lead to your transmitter. (Note: for the transmitter with audio frequency jack, we directly insert the round pin into the training jack and don't need the lead.)
2. Connect the lead to the round pin of dongle, and then insert the USB interface of dongle to the PC's USB.
3. After the FMS software is installed well, turn on your transmitter and make some adjustment, and then you can begin your flight simulation practice. (The mixing function of transmitter should be turned off.)

Walkera UB-001 USB Simulator works for Walkera 2.4Ghz Transmitter, including WK2401, WK2601, WK2801 and DEVO series Digital Transmitter, but remember please, when you're using WK2601 and WK2801 transmitter, you need to set them to "4 Channel" mode first!

FMS Software works with :Windows XP and Win Vista

Notice: This simulator can't support the Windows 7


    Use for all Walkera 2.4G transmitters.(Included Devo 6, Devo 7 & Devo 8)
    With USB Port, 3.5mm audio frequency pin, super mini design.
    Support FMS/AeroFly.
    Easy to install, don't need any drive.
    Size: 64x 20x 10mm.
    Weight: 26.5g.

Package Contents:
100% Brand New
1 x Drive Disc.
1 x UB-001 Simulator

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