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SKYRC TORO 10 C120 120A ESC FOR 1/10 CAR SK-300004

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Controls, TORO 10 RTR

Rev/Brk/ or Fwd/Rev

Input Power (Cells)

2-3S LiPo/LiFe, 4-8 NiMH (12.6V Max)

Motor Limits

C120 120A

2S LiPo(4-6S NiMH): On Road 4.5T 

Off Road 6.5T 

3S LiPo(7-8S NiMH): On Road 6.5T 

Off Road 9.5T

C60   60A

2S LiPo(4-6S NiMH): On Road 6.5T 

Off Road 8.5T 

3S LiPo(7-8S NiMH): On Road 10.5T

Off Road 17.5T

C45   45A

2S LiPo(4-6S NiMH): On Road 8.5T 

Off Road 11.5T 

3S LiPo(7-8S NiMH): On Road 13.5T

Off Road 17.5T

C35   35A

2S LiPo(4-6S NiMH): On Road 10.5T 

Off Road 13.5T 

3S LiPo(7-8S NiMH): On Road 13.5T

Off Road 18.5T

Linear BEC

5.0V 2Amp

Status LED

White LED, 3 color LED (Red, Green & Orange)

Thermal Overload Protection



Brushless Motor

Dimensions(L*W*H/without fan)


Weight(Without wires)


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